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"Looking at People" is an ongoing collection of globally sourced images created by Skylar Shankman beginning in mid 2012 and continuing up through the present day. The titles of the various photographs, such as "A Man with an Umbrella" or "Two Women Walking", are purposely nondescript so as to invite the viewer to draw out their own story while also imagining how they themselves might appear in the stories of others passing through public spaces.

A Woman with an Umbrella
A Man Waving
Two Women Walking
Someone Walking in the Distance
A Man with an Umbrella
Two Men in the Airport
Two People Standing Around
A Woman with Stuffed Animals
A Man Sleeping
A Woman Walking at Night
Someone Between Two Trees
A Man Holding an Umbrella
A Young Woman Sitting
A Girl Taking a Photo
Someone Reading
Two People on a Hill
Someone on a Moped
Two Men in the Street
Two People Working in the Road
A Person in a Red Coat
Two People Standing with a Hose
One Person and Two Dogs
Man on a Bike
Three Men Working
Two Men in the Rain
A Young Woman Sitting
Two Monks
A Man and some Sex Shops
A Woman in front of Plates
A Woman in front of a Statue
Someone Waiting for a Train
A Woman Across the Street
A Man in a Tunnel
Two People Walking
A Man and some Flowers
A Man on the Stairs
Man Leaning
Someone with a Basket
Someone on the Sidewalk
A Woman on a Terrace
A Woman Near the Beach
A Man in the Rain
A Man on a Pier
A Man Below a Flower
A Man Outside
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