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The most recent installments of the ongoing "Looking at People" and "Looking at Places" photo series, the following images were created during September of 2022 across a range of locations throughout the country of Italy. 

A Rower on the Lagoon
Two People on a Rainy Day
Someone on a Boat in Venice
Someone Walking, Framed by a Doorway
Two Dogs Standing
Two People Enjoying Some Wine
A Streetlight, A Wall, and the Sky
Two Strangers Using Phones
A Bicycle in an Alley
A Person on a Hillside with Llamas
A Person Smoking, Seen From Above
Two People on a Motorcycle
A Person with an Umbrella
Three Figures on a Bridge
Two People Dining
A Door in a Cliff
Three Buildings as Seen from Below
A Worker in a Window
A Person Walking Between Bicycles
One Person Sitting One Person Standing
Cable Cars in Ortisei
A Bike Behind a Gate
Fog, A Tree, and a Reflection
Someone Walking as Seen Through an Arch
Someone Sitting with their Back to Me
Someone Going up the Stairs
A Person with Two Phones
Sheep Seen Through a Wood Fence
A Towel in a Wall
Swings in Fog
A Sheep Seeing Me Through a Wood Fence
Birds, Fog, Chairlifts
Two People on a Dock
A Person Looking into a Shop
A Little Car
A Cat in a Window
Two People Sitting on Some Stairs
A Person Sitting in Front of a Wall of Graffiti
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