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"Looking at People" is an ongoing collection of globally sourced images created by Skylar Shankman beginning in mid 2012 and continuing up through the present day. The titles of the various photographs, such as "A Man with an Umbrella" or "Two Women Walking", are purposely nondescript so as to invite the viewer to draw out their own story while also imagining how they themselves might appear in the stories of others passing through public spaces.

MBTA and Billboard campaign for Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

A series of photographs created for Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology highlighting different degree programs available to students.

Currently, the images can be found on the red, orange, and blue subway lines here in Boston as well as on Billboards throughout Massachusetts.

Front and back cover art for Adam Jensen's Head on a String EP

In addition to creating music videos and promotional photographs for singer/songwriter Adam Jensen, hired to produce the front and back cover images for his 2013 album.

Print advertisements for the Franklin Park Zoo

This image of Christopher the Lion at the Franklin Park Zoo was subsequently used in two print ads the zoo ran in newspapers throughout the greater Boston area

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